Hitman - Solo Creep [2LP Vinyl]
Hitman - Solo Creep [2LP Vinyl]

Hitman - Solo Creep [2LP Vinyl]

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In collaboration with Black C of RBL Posse, we have worked together to pay tribute to Hitman by releasing this limited edition double vinyl album on orange wax. Only 500 copies available! Each copy will be hand numbered and will come with a "25 Year Anniversary" hype sticker. Rest In Paradise Hitman.

Condition: New - Sealed with hype sticker

Side A
1. Mack A Hoe
2. Mr. Player Hater (feat. N.O.H.)
3. I Bet You Bit A Chip
4. All The N-ggas (feat. The Squad)

Side B
5. Reeper
6. Deeper And Deeper
7. G's And Jiggies (feat. Iyesha)

Side C
8. Solo Creep
9. The Funk
10. Would You Know (feat. Mr. Cee)
11. You Better Come Strapped (feat. Black C)

Side D
12. Cut'em By The LB (feat. Hustla Moe, N.O.H.)
13. A Glock Here, A Glock There (feat. Iyesha Mathews)
14. Mr. Sandman 

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