Used / Pre-Owned Items


What is a pre-owned item?
These items had at least one owner in the past. Most of the pre-owned items will be opened and used, but some items may still be sealed. These items may have come from old record stores, personal collections, garage sales, etc.

Can pre-owned items be returned for an exchange?
All sales final - no refunds or exchanges. Please read item descriptions very carefully before completing your purchase. Feel free to contact us if you need additional information about our items.

How are pre-owned items graded?
Used items are visually graded and will vary in condition. We use the Goldmine Standard for grading the condition of our used items.

Here are the grades & definitions from best to worst:

Absolutely perfect in every way. The item may have never been played or is still sealed.

Nearly perfect and still looks new. Media will play perfectly with no imperfections. Covers will be free of creases, folds, splits, holes, cuts or similar defects.

Media will show some slight signs of wear, including light scuffs or very light scratches that do not affect the listening experience. There could be some signs of handling, but was still taken good care of. Covers may also show minor wear with some indentations, very light ring wear, light markings, slight bends or slight folds.

Many of the imperfections found on a VG+ item are more obvious on a VG item. Records will have noticeable marks & scratches that cause surface noise & pops. CD's will look like they have not been handled very carefully; they might show light scuffs/scratches that do not affect play. Cassettes may have slight fading/discoloration and will have a hiss during playback. Covers may have marks, small tears/rips, fading, writing, discoloration, and/or indentations.

Records will have lots of surface noise due to groove wear, but will still play without skips. CD's will have many scuffs/scratches, but will play with no skips. Cassette tapes might have cracked cases, but will still play with loud hissing. Covers may have heavy ring wear, heavy folds/creases, tears/cuts, writing, stickers, discoloration and other defects.

POOR (P) or FAIR (F)
We will rarely sell items in this condition unless it's a rare item. Records & CD's are heavily scratched that will cause skipping. Cassette tapes won't play through. Covers will be very worn and will show a lot of damage.