Big Mack - A Better Way [25th Anniversary CD]

Big Mack - A Better Way [25th Anniversary CD]

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Big Mack's debut album was originally released on Halloween, Tuesday October 31st, 1995. To celebrate this album's 25th Anniversary, we have re-released this album with 3 bonus tracks that were previously unavailable on CD.

CD Tracklisting:
1. Intro (feat. TC)
2. Tru 2 This
3. Countin' Money (feat. Tay Da Tay of 11/5)
4. Stackin' The Most (feat. Primo)
5. Fatt Sak (feat. Sharon J)
6. Reality Check (feat. RBL Posse, Baldhead Rick, Duracel)
7. A Better Way (feat. Pleshette)
8. Dope Shit (feat. Tay Da Tay of 11/5)
9. Microphone (feat. Double R)
10. Lettin' Em Know
11. Pimps, Playas & Hustlas (feat. One Tyme)
12. Outro
13. Trucks & Coups (feat. Big Chally) *Bonus Track
14. We Comin' Real (feat. Miru) *Bonus Track
15. This One's 4 Y'all *Bonus Track

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